Meal Planning Tips for Apartment Dwellers – Cooking for One or Two

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Apartment living has many perks, and in many of today's apartments one of those perks is modern, attractive kitchens. A beautiful kitchen may make you wish to stay in and cook instead of eating out, but as you start gathering recipes you may notice a problem. Many recipes are designed for large family gatherings, not a family of one or two. Here are some tips for planning meals that you can cook and enjoy in your apartment, even if you are only serving one or two.

Decide When You Want to Cook

First, decide when you want to cook. Because you are only cooking for yourself, you probably do not have to cook every day. Consider choosing two or three nights a week that will be your cooking nights, and then using leftovers to fill in the gaps. You can also pick a weekend day to do much of your prep work to free up your evenings for other endeavors.

Make Something You Can Freeze

Since most recipes are designed for families of four to six, consider making meals from time to time that you can freeze. Eat the portion you need when you first prepare it, then freeze individual portions of the meal. This will give you a fall back option when you have a busy night and don't feel like cooking.

Choose Recipes Wisely

As you look for recipes to cook, look carefully. First, look for recipes designed for just one or two people. With the Internet at your disposal, you will be able to find some. Then, look for recipes you can easily cut in half or in quarter, and do so when you cook it. Create and manage a list of recipes so you will always have something to draw from as you think about what to cook next.

Make Versatile Dishes

Some dishes are quite versatile. For example, roast chicken you can eat as it is the first night, then cut up to place on top of salad the next and even mix with salsa for a taco on the third. In this way you have variety in your diet but you are only cooking once.

Don't Neglect Nutrition

When you're only cooking for one or two, it's easy to overlook your fruits and veggies, but you still need nutrition. Make sure your diet plan includes plenty of produce. If you don't want to cook the veggies, plan to have salads with many of your meals.

Meal planning for apartment dwellers with smaller households can feel overwhelming, but if you put the right resources to work for you and create a plan you can stick with, you will soon have a great meal strategy in place!

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