Tips for Making New Friends in Your Apartment Community

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Tips for Making New Friends in Your Apartment Community

Moving in to a new apartment community opens a wealth of opportunities for socializing, yet it can be intimidating to reach out to your new neighbors and start making those connections. Yet having so many neighbors close at hand is one of the main perks of apartment living. Here are some tips to help you begin making new friends as you settle in to a modern apartment community.


1. Start with Being Friendly

You need to be the one to make an effort to be friendly. Put on a smile, and head next door to say “hi.” If you are busy with unpacking, try to keep your eyes and ears open. Should you hear a neighbor out and about, step out of your apartment for just a moment to say hello. The sooner you can make those first introductions, the better your overall experience will be.


2. Be an Active Participant

Are there community activities coming up that you can participate in? Do you know of nearby community events that are of interest? Are you interested in joining a church, sports team or social club nearby? These all provide opportunities to bump in to your neighbors out in the community, and mutual interests make it easier to start up some lasting friendships.


3. Find Something to Compliment

Does your neighbor have a particularly attractive floral display on the patio? Compliment it. Did you notice a new outfit? Say it looks great. Compliments make people feel appreciated, and when people feel appreciated they are more likely to strive to be friendly.


4. Ask to Swap Numbers

As your new neighbors if you can swap phone numbers for emergencies. This will help you strike up a conversation and will also show that you’re willing to watch out for your neighbor’s property should something happen that needs addressing when they are not home.


5. Spend Time in Busy Shared Spaces

It won’t take long to learn which community spaces in your new apartment community are the most popular. Once you identify them, start spending time in them. You can’t make friends if you aren’t around people, so go to the places where people are spending time.


While it is true that making friends in a new community can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be impossible. Use these ideas, and soon you will be just part of the group in your new apartment community home.

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