How to Host the Holidays in an Apartment

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How to Host the Holidays in an Apartment

The holidays are here, and your friends and family are trying to figure out where to celebrate. Your parents’ house is getting renovated, and your sister just moved. Why not host the festivities in your apartment? You might think it’s too small or that you can’t hold a proper holiday get-together in an apartment, but that’s just not true. The following tips will help you have the best holidays yet.


Get Organized

It all starts with decluttering your apartment. Clear off spaces like bookshelves, counters, and side tables. Keep the clutter out of sight until your guests are gone.


Have Everyone Bring a Dish

If you have a small kitchen, it’s just not possible to cook every single dish in a short timeframe. You’ll need a little help from your friends in the form of sides, pies, and deserts. You tackle the ham and leave the rest to the guests.


Don’t Host at Dinner Time

If you’re dreading trying to cook in your kitchen or fit all the food in your small dining room, try having the party in the afternoon or later in the evening. That way, most of your guests will have already eaten or won’t be ready for a big meal. If you host early, light options like fruit, bread, salads, and appetizers can go a long way. If you host in the evening, drinks and snacks should suffice (and you’ll have more time to prepare).


Don’t Forget the Kids

You’ll have to plan festivities for the kids, too, unless you want them throwing your favorite porcelain dolls across the room. If your apartment community has a playground, they can build snowmen or play tag depending on the weather. If you want to keep it indoors, you can organize a holiday craft session with crayons, construction paper, and safety scissors.


Get Creative with Seating and Serving

If you’re limited on seating, you can always suggest a few friends BYOC (bring your own chair). Usually, someone has a set of folding chairs and a folding table that you can use for serving. You can also use a cleared-off bookcase or side-table as a serving area in the dining room or living room.


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